All heavy haul trucking companies must deal with special permits that every Department of Transportation (DOT) requires for all oversize loads. These moves will often demand transportation across various states and even beyond international borders.

The DOT of from state to state have their own criteria for defining permit requirements for each load transported on their roadways.

Depending on the nature of the oversize load, the required permits can range from a simple highway permit to police escorts. Managing the diverse permits can be challenging. If they are not dealt with efficiently, they can hinder your travel time and undermine your overall business operations. Hence it is crucial that you avail the services of a trucking company that is familiar with the various permit requirements.

Loadstar Transportation is well versed with the diverse permits needed to conduct smooth oversize hauling operations. Our well trained transport professionals have vast experience in heavy equipment hauling and specialized hauling. Loadstar Transportation’s diligence pertaining to permit requirements guarantees customer satisfaction. Our thriving business throughout the year also makes us knowledgeable about the seasonal relaxations and constriction of permits. This makes it easier for us to plan your heavy equipment hauling efficiently.

We take care of all the permits details and related paperwork